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Best Place to Study in Canada – 4 Top ranked student cities in Canada

by Akash Tyagi
Best Place to Study in Canada

According to a research conducted by the CBIE (Canadian Bureau for International Education), it has been found that a staggering 60% of foreign students aspire to stay in Canada even after their education. The pivotal reason for such popularity among international students is the immaculate quality of education and tolerant nature of people in the major cities of Canada. Some of the most acclaimed cities for education in Canada are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary. These cities boast of some of the most reputable universities in Canada, which are hot favourites among the international students from all over the globe.

This article features top student cities in Canada. You get to read about other relevant details like the top universities, courses on offer, opportunities and diversity of students in each of these cities. Study Abroad


Ranking in Canada

Global Ranking





University of Toronto




McGill University




University of British Columbia




University of Alberta




Universit de Montral




McMaster University




University of Waterloo


Best Place to Study in Canada – List of Popular Student Cities

1. Toronto

Toronto, the capital city of Ontario, holds the possession of many eminent universities in Canada. It is regarded as one of the finest cosmopolitan cities around the globe. With an astonishing 50% of people belonging to the “Visible minority”, it is evident that Toronto welcomes students from different parts of the world , from Africa and Europe to Asia. A mind-boggling 160 languages are spoken in this part of Canada, which speaks volumes about Toronto’s popularity amongst the immigrants. Toronto ranks as the 11th best student city in the world according to the QS world rankings.



Top-ranked Courses

University of Toronto ( QS World subject Ranking #18 for Engineering, year 2019) ( Ranks at #29 in QS World University rankings 2020)

  1. Applied Science and Engineering
  2. Arts and Science
  3. Architecture and Design

Ryerson University

  1. Masters of Science in Data Science and Analytics
  2. Masters of Science (Computer Science)

Humber College

  1. Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  2. Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology

York University ( Ranks at #441-450 in QS World University rankings 2020)

  1. Communications and Media
  2. Arts and Humanities
  3. Design and Law

Trent University

Masters of Science in Big Data Analytics, Masters of Science ( Material of Science)

Factors that make Toronto a student-friendly city -

  1. Mesmerizing city life and plenty of restaurants and entertainment hubs to explore. The most famous ones are LaVinia restaurant, Scaramouche restaurant and Centreville amusement park.
  2. You may engage yourself in some part time jobs (20 hours a week).
  3. Some of the most easily available part time roles in Canada are Content editor, Translator, Night Auditor and Social Media Assistant.
  4. Affordable and convenient transportation facilities. The most popular public transit services are conducted by Go Transit, York Region and Toronto Transit Commission.
  5. Rent facilities are as low as 500 CAD per month and may climb up to 4,000 CAD per month.
  6. Education fees for international students may range from 11,000 CAD to 60,000 CAD (approx). The fees may vary depending on thet college.
  7. CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum and Toronto Islands are major tourist attractions which are must visit for a memorable experience.Study Abroad

2. Montreal

Montreal is placed at number 6 in the QS Best Student Cities list for the year 2019. With a galore of esteemed universities, it has become one of the preferred choices of international students willing to pursue education in Canada. Though, the city doesn’t make it to the top of the affordability parameter, but a high quality of living compensates for it. Montreal also ranks 2nd in the list of “Student View Rank” (QS World Rankings 2020), which indicates that foreign students are more inclined towards this city for education than other cities in Canada. The sheer blend of various cultures graces the beauty of this city, the heart-warming hospitality and tolerant nature of people in this part of the country is unparalleled as well.



Top-ranked Courses

McGill University (Ranks at #35 in QS World University Rankings 2020)

  1. Masters of Arts
  2. Masters of Education
  3. Doctors of Philosophy

Universite de Montreal (Ranks at #137 in QS World University Rankings 2020)

  1. Administration and Management Sciences
  2. Fundamental and Applied Sciences
  3. Literature and Languages

Concordia University (Ranks at #462 in QS World University Rankings 2020)

  1. Management (MBA)
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Journalism
  4. Art Education (Visual Arts)


  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Modular Professional Masters in Chemical Engineering

Factors that make Montreal a student-friendly city –

  1. World-class education facilities in prestigious universities.
  2. Massive job opportunities in industries like aerospace, big data, life sciences and health technologies.
  3. It is ranked as one of the safest cities in the world by The Economist.
  4. There are some incredible places to visit such as Mont-Royal, Jardin Botanique and Notre-Dame Basilica. Witnessing such glorious places would certainly leave a mark on your soul!
  5. Monthly rent is as low as 1500 CAD for a 1 room apartment, which is pretty affordable for people of all classes. (Prices may vary for different areas).

3. Vancouver

Located in the province of British Columbia, this coastal port is well renowned for its quality of education and peace of living. The Economist Intelligence Unit has adjudged this city as one of the most well-living places all around the world. With an estimated 50% of people belonging to the minority group, Vancouver is certainly an ideal location for international students from diverse backgrounds to pursue higher education. English and French are prominent languages used in this part of the country. Vancouver is also ranked at number 16 in the list of best cities for students (QS World Rankings 2019). Not only limited to the educational privileges, Vancouver also boasts of breathtaking landscapes and other astonishing activities like hiking and skydiving..



Top-ranked Courses

University of British Columbia (Ranks at #51 in QS World University Rankings 2020)

  1. Material Engineering
  2. Psychology
  3. Science and Technology Studies

Simon Fraser University ( Ranks at #314 in QS World University Rankings 2020)

  1. Masters of Applied Science
  2. Bachelors of Applied Science
  3. Masters of Arts in Communication, MBA

University Canada West

  1. MBA
  2. Bachelor of Commerce
  3. Bachelor of Arts

Vancouver Island University

  1. Applied Business Technology
  2. Bachelor of Tourism Management, Engineering
  3. Art and Design

Factors that make Vancouver a student-friendly city –

  1. Renting a room in Vancouver is extremely affordable.One can easily get a room in and between 600 CAD and 900 CAD (Prices may vary for different places). And all other essentials like electricity bills, Wi-Fi and water facilities are included as well.
  2. Local transportation facilities are extremely affordable as well, you can avail a monthly pass worth 95 CAD (prices may vary for different places).
  3. Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge and Granville Island are some of the picturesque places in this part of the country. You may also engage yourself in fun-oriented activities like kayaking and hiking.
  4. Some giant tech-organisations in Vancouver are Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, Salseforce and Fortinet. Thus, students have ample opportunities to make it big in various corporate fields.

4. Ottawa

In the year 2019, QS World Rankings named Ottawa the 45th best student city in the world. With world class educational institutions and veteran faculty members, it becomes quite an easy decision for students to opt for higher education in this city. The lifestyle and diversity of the people makes it even more encouraging for the international students. With the massive number of immigrants coming from continents like Africa, Asia and Europe, it seems quite legit that Ottawa is preferred by students from all over the globe. With extremely affordable shelter and transportation, and a plethora of opportunities for employment, Ottawa certainly is one of the finest places for students .




University of Ottawa ( Ranks at #281 in QS World University rankings 2020)

  1. Masters of Computer Science,
  2. MBA,
  3. Psychology

Carleton University

  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Master of Arts and Communication
  3. Masters of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering

Algonquin College

  1. Graduate Certification in Green Architecture
  2. Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Saint Paul University

  1. Theology
  2. Canon Law
  3. Human Relations and Spirituality

Top Courses to Study in Canada 5 Most Popular Fields of Study

Factors that make Ottawa a student-friendly city –

  1. Ottawa is considered one of the safest cities in Canada, which makes it quite a reliable place for overseas students.
  2. There are massive number of job opportunities in various sectors. The Tech Park and Federal Employment Node provides ample opportunities to the local as well as the international students.
  3. Transportation is quite affordable and convenient, with a massive network of metro and other transits available for the people. One can easily manage a monthly expense of 110 CAD (approx.) in transportation .
  4. In the year 2018, it was adjudged as one of the highest employed cities in Canada with an employability rate of 64.6%.


Best Place to Study in Canada – FAQs

Q.1- Which is the best university to study in Canada?

Ans- According to the latest QS world rankings for the year 2020, University of Toronto is ranked 29th in the world and 1st in Canada for education. Thus, the University of Toronto is acclaimed as the best university in Canada.

Q.2- Which is the safest city in Canada?

Ans- Economist Intelligence unit has adjudged Toronto as the safest place in North America for natives and immigrants as well. It was ranked as the 6th safest city on the globe for the year 2019.

Q.3- Which course offers the best opportunities in Canada?

Ans- MBA and Core Engineering are two most significant courses which offer a maximum number of employment opportunities.

Q.4- Are Living in Canada expensive?

Ans- Living and other expenses in Canada are affordable when compared to countries like the US. Average cost of transportation in Canada is 100 CAD - 110 CAD per month( approx). A monthly rental of 1 room in Canada would vary from 600 CAD - 2000 CAD.

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