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    Reasons to Study in New Zealand

    Known for its natural beauty and attractive tourist destinations, New Zealand is also emerging as one of the top study abroad destinations in the world. Studying in New Zealand is comparatively affordable when compared to other study abroad destinations such as USA, UK, Canada and Australia. New Zealand offers globally recognised qualifications, matchless quality of life and ample opportunities for research and innovation.   If you also wish to pursue higher education in New Zealand, here are some quick facts about the country that you must know -

    • All 8 Universities in New Zealand rank among the top 500 universities in the world, as per the QS World University Rankings 
    • The education system of New Zealand ranks 16th in the world as per the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings
    • International students are allowed to work on-campus or off-campus for up to 20 hours per week during the course tenure if they hold a student visa with work permit 
    • Students get a 2-year post-study work visa to explore jobs in New Zealand
    • New Zealand is the second most peaceful nation in the world as per the Global Peace Index 2019
    • Civil Engineering, infrastructure, tourism, IT and health are some of the promising job sectors in New Zealand

    Average tuition fees

    INR 14,00,000

    Average living expenses (annual)

    INR 8,00,000

    Student visa turn-around-time

    35 days

    Ranking of universities

    1 (out of Top 100)

    Post study work visa

    12 to 36 months

    Part-time work hours

    20 hours/week

    Indian student community (strength)


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    • Why study in New Zealand
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    More About Study In New Zealand

    Listed below are a few more reasons why an international student should choose to study in New Zealand.

    Academic opportunities: All the eight universities in New Zealand are ranked in the QS World University Rankings. Thousands of international students come to pursue higher education every year in these institutions. Besides these universities, there are 18 institutes of technology and polytechnics that offer vocational courses. Find below the rank-wise list of New Zealand universities.

    List of universities to study in New Zealand

    University Name New Zealand Rank Global Rank
    The University of Auckland 1 85
    University of Otago 2 175
    Victoria University of Wellington 3 221
    University of Canterbury 4 231
    University of Waikato 5 274
    Lincoln University 6 317
    Massey University 7 332
    Auckland University of Technology (AUT) 8 464

    The students can choose from a range of subjects and disciplines available to them at different levels of studies such as certificate, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD. Highlighted below is the list of top courses offered in New Zealand universities.

    List of top 5 courses to study in New Zealand

    Popular course Top New Zealand University offering the course QS World University Ranking (subject-wise)
    Civil & Structural Engineering The University of Auckland 37
    Agriculture & Forestry Massey University 30
    Geography The University of Auckland 28
    Education & Training The University of Auckland 26
    Sports-related subjects The University of Otago 20

    Career opportunities: New Zealand offers post-study work visa of up to 3 years based on the course pursued by students. New Zealand offers immense job opportunities in tourism, construction and infrastructure development in addition to IT, healthcare and management. 

    Below is a snapshot of an overview of the post-study work visa in New Zealand.

    Highlights of Post-study Work Visa of New Zealand

    S.No. Particulars Details
    1. Visa required Post-study work visa
    2. Length of stay Depending on the applicant’s qualification, the post-study work permit is granted for 1,2 or 3 years.
    3. Qualification for a post-study work visa New Zealand
    • The applicant must have studied in New Zealand
    • He/she must be Level 4 or above on New Zealand Qualification framework
    4. Documents
    • Identity proof
    • Proof of good health
    • Proof of good character
    • Proof of genuine intention to work post-study in New Zealand
    • Proof of New Zealand qualification
    • Work visa application
    • Proof of having enough funds to live in New Zealand

    New Zealand Study Visa

    The students, who wish to pursue higher studies in New Zealand need to apply for a study visa. Depending on the country to which a student belongs, the visa requirements may vary. For students belonging to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan or Bangladesh, providing evidence of sufficient funds to support their study becomes a mandatory and crucial step in the visa application. Here is a list of documents that students can submit as proof of having sufficient funds with their application. 

    • Banking information: The students can provide bank statements of the past 6 months, copies of relevant bank deposit statements, or statements showing fixed-term deposits of at least 6 months.

    • Asset/Loan information: The students can provide an education loan sanction letter, stock transaction reports, or sale of property agreements (Note: The funds sourced from KCC loans, gold loans, or property sales are not accepted).

    • Income information: The students can provide tax returns, evidence of income generated from assets, or statement of income from employment (Note: The funds sourced from agricultural income are not accepted).

    In case the course duration is more than 12 months, the students need to provide a payment plan explaining how they will fund their future years of study and evidence to support the plan that can be verified.

    Cost of living in New Zealand: The cost of living in New Zealand is comparatively low. International students can avail food, accommodation, and transportation services at a reasonable price. However, it is important for students to evaluate and plan their budget carefully to manage their expenses efficiently. The cost of living takes into account the accommodation, food, transportation, phone calls, internet, clothing, books and other such expenses. Find below the snapshot of average monthly expenses incurred by international students in New Zealand. 

    Average Monthly Expenses in New Zealand for Students

    S.No. Particulars Average Monthly Expenditure
    1. Accommodation NZD 800- NZD 1,000
    2. Food  NZD 200
    3. Transport NZD 120
    4. Phone & Internet NZD 50
    5. Entertainment NZD 50- NZD 100
    6. Clothing NZD 200- NZD 300
    7. Medical Expenses  NZD 50- NZD 100
    8. Outside eating NZD 100- NZD 150
    9. Daily essentials  NZD 50
    10. Miscellaneous Expenses NZD 100

    Opportunities while studying in New Zealand: International students can work on a part-time basis in New Zealand while pursuing their course of study. The earned money helps students add to their budget and relieves some of the financial burden. However, international students need to obtain a student visa and as per the type of visa they get, they can work on-campus or off-campus. The international students holding a student visa with a work permit can work for up to 20 hours a week during their course term in New Zealand. 

    College application deadlines: For international students, it takes almost a year to complete all the exam formalities, documentation, admission and visa process and other formalities when they go to study abroad. So, they must keep track of the college application deadlines to avoid any last-minute rush while applying for admission abroad. In New Zealand, the student intake takes place during the months of July, September, November and February.

    Highlighted below are the college application deadlines of top New Zealand universities.

    University Name Deadline (for 2019-20 intake)
    University of Auckland
    • Enrollment for the year 2019 - 1 November 

    • Enrollment closing date for summer school courses - 22 December 2018

    • Enrollment closing date for semester 1 courses - 14 February 2019

    • Enrollment closing date for semester 2 courses- 4 July 2019

    • Enrollment closing date for quarter 1 courses- 22 December 2018

    • Enrollment closing date for quarter 2 courses- 22 March 2019

    • Enrollment closing date for quarter 3 courses- 14 June 2019

    • Enrollment closing date for quarter 4 courses- 6 September 2019

    University of Otago
    • Last date to submit applications for study beginning in 2nd semester - 2 April

    • Application for entrance scholarship opens - 1 July 

    • Application for entrance scholarship closes - 15 August 

    • Application for 1st semester starts - 1 august 

    • Application for a Bachelor's degree in Medicine & Dental courses - 15 September

    • Application for Bachelor’s in Law - 1 October

    • Closing date for applications for courses starting in the following academic year - 31 October 

    University of Canterbury 
    • College application deadlines for Bachelor of Engineering courses (First professional year) - 1 December 

    • Last date to apply for BFA intermediate - 15 November 

    • Last date to apply for BFA (Hons) - 1 November 

    • Application submission deadlines for Bachelors of Speech and Language Pathology (Hons.) - 1 October 

    • Application for Bachelor/Graduate Diploma/Master’s of teaching and learning opens from July and closes when the program is full or 4 weeks before the commencement of the course.

    • Last date to apply for Master of Audiology - 1 October 

    • Application deadline for the MBA/PG Diploma in Business Administration - 10 January

    How to apply for colleges in New Zealand: Students should chart out a definite plan if they wish to pursue education abroad. Given below is a step-wise plan that international students can follow to apply for admission in a New Zealand University. 

    Step 1: To start with, the students must select the university and course of study. Visit /courses/new-zealand/ to browse the list of universities/colleges in New Zealand and courses offered by them. You can also find every relevant information like admission intakes, tuition fee, course duration, and funding options there. 

    Step 2: Once the students have decided on the university and course of study, they can proceed with the admission application. To ensure hassle-free application process, the students can avail assistance from Buddy4Study’s counselling team. We have a team of expert counsellors who guide the students through the application process and help them get admission in the university/college of their choice. The students are required to take relevant tests prior to applying for admission. 

    Step 3: If the student becomes successful in acquiring an admission offer, he/she can proceed further with the visa application. Herein, the students are advised to keep all necessary documents in hand to ensure smooth processing of the Visa application. The students, who come across any query or difficulty in the process can ask for help from our counselling team. New Zealand does not expect students to pay their college fees until students have received a valid study visa. This brings more certainty to student finances. 

    Step 4: Finally, the students need to look for their accommodation in New Zealand, their travel arrangements, funding options, and insurance coverage. The students can ask for suitable assistance from our counselling team in this scenario as well.  

    Top scholarships for international students: A number of scholarships and grants are offered to international students to encourage them to study in New Zealand. The students wishing to pursue education there should apply for scholarships as per eligibility conditions. Availing scholarships greatly minimises the overall expenditure of studying in New Zealand. Given below is a list of some scholarships that students can avail to study in New Zealand.

    List of top scholarships to study in New Zealand

    S.No. Scholarship Name Award
    1.  Palmerston North City Mayor's Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship NZD 1,000 towards the 1st year's tuition fees
    2. SEG Scholarship A scholarship amount of NZD 7,000 & NZD 5,000 per year to undergraduate international students
    3. F A Hayek Scholarship in Economics or Political Science A scholarship grant of up to NZD 16,500 for 1 year to students enrolled in a programme for a Master's or an Honours degree in Economics or Political Science at the University of Canterbury
    4. New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships
    • Tuition fee waiver
    • A living allowance of NZD 491 per week
    • An establishment allowance of NZD 3,000 (a one-time payment as a contribution towards the accommodation expenses, textbooks, study materials etc.)
    • Medical and travel insurance
    • Travel expenses to and from the scholar’s home country
    5. AUT University Marsden PhD Scholarship in Statistics, New Zealand An annual stipend of NZD 27,500
    6. Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation - To Study Abroad Scholarship The scholarship amount is given as per the need to hearing-impaired students of Gujarat and Maharashtra
    7. International Taught Master Merit Scholarships, Lincoln University Up to the value of NZD 7,000 – NZD 10,000 towards the overall cost of study
    8. College of Humanities and Social Sciences International Excellence Scholarships, Massey University NZD 5,000 per 120 credits enrolled, for up to the total credit value of the Programme
    9. Computer Science Undergraduate Scholarship, University of Waikato NZD 5,000 
    10. A K Elliot Memorial Scholarship, Victoria University of Wellington Approximately NZD 5,000 (subject to availability of funds)
    • Study Abroad Popular Courses In New Zealand
    • Master of Education
    • Master of Engineering
    • Master of Information Technology
    • Master of Management
    • Bachelor of Applied Management - L7
    • Study Abroad Popular Universities In New Zealand
    • Auckland University of Technology
    • University of Auckland
    • Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec)
    • Whitecliffe College
    • Western Institute of Technology Taranaki

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