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    Reasons to Study in the USA

    USA continues to be a dream destination for millions of students living around the world. Its top-notch educational institutions, unique curriculum, abundant job opportunities and multicultural environment are some of the reasons that make it a much-desired study abroad destination for students. If you are considering studying abroad for pursuing higher education, here are some quick facts that will help you decide USA as your study abroad destination. 

    • 10 out of the top 20 universities in QS World University Rankings are from the USA 
    • Work part-time for up to 20 hours per week with an F1 Visa to support your living cost
    • Get to stay for up to 36 months on a post-study work visa after graduation  
    • Opportunity to work at Infosys, Capgemini, IBM, Google, Accenture, Cognizant Technology, etc. on a post-study work visa 
    • Plethora of scholarships for international students

    Average tuition fees

    INR 33,00,000

    Average living expenses (annual)

    INR 10,00,000

    Student visa turn-around-time

    30 days

    Ranking of universities

    33 (out of Top 100)

    Post study work visa

    12 to 36 months

    Part-time work hours

    20 hours/week

    Indian student community (strength)


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    • Why study in USA
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    More About Study In USA

    Highlighted below are a few more reasons why an international student should choose to study in the US.

    Academic opportunities: The country boasts of a number of premier educational institutions that are ranked high in the QS World University Rankings. 10 institutions are ranked under the top 20. Below is the list of top US universities.

    Top 10 Universities to Study in US

    University US Rank Global Rank

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)



    Stanford University



    Harvard University



    California University of Technology (CalTech)



    University of Chicago



    Princeton University



    Cornell University



    Yale University



    Columbia University



    University of Pennsylvania



    A wide range of courses are offered by the US universities that students can choose from. Also, the US institutions are always at the forefront of adopting latest technology and academic methods. This adds to the academic growth of students and helps them grasp the practical aspects of their selected discipline which eventually enhances their employability. Highlighted below is the list of top courses offered in US universities.

    List of top 5 courses to study in US

    Popular course Top US college offering the course QS world ranking of college
    Management Harvard Business School 2
    Engineering & Technology MIT School of Engineering 1
    Life Sciences & Medicine Harvard Medical School 1
    Law Harvard Law School 1
    Arts & Humanities Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Harvard University 2

    Career opportunities: The United States is the birthplace of some of the best companies in the world such as Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Apple, JP Morgan Chase, General Electric, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. Students studying in US universities are offered research and training-based studies which help broaden their perspective and look at problems from multiple dimensions and provide innovative solutions. An international degree from a reputed USA university adds to the overall profile of a student and helps him/her secure better opportunities across the world. 

    Cost of living: The cost of living in the US is higher as compared to other study abroad destinations like Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Hence students should be mindful of return on academic investment they will get across these destinations. While calculating the expenses of living in foreign land, students need to take into account the rent or hostel fee, food, travelling, books & study materials, clothes, shoes, internet, cellular services, entertainment and other miscellaneous expenses. On a monthly basis, an international student spends an average of USD 800-1,000. The cost of living also depends on which US city a student is living in. For example, the cost of living in cities like New York, California and Massachusetts is higher as compared to that of Oklahoma, Kansas and Wisconsin. 

    Here's a snapshot of average monthly expenses incurred while living in the US.

    Living cost in USA (per month)

    S.No. Particulars Monthly Expenditure
    1 Accommodation USD 200-800
    2 Groceries USD 120-160
    3 Internet USD 40-50
    4 Cellular Services USD 50-100
    5 Electricity USD 50-100
    6 Travel USD 70-90 (Public Transport)
    7 Shopping USD 100
    8 Entertainment USD 100
    9 Outside Eating USD 70-100
    10 Miscellaneous Expenses USD 100

    International student work permit in USA: While studying in US, students can also take up part-time jobs in order to earn some money and support their living cost. This also adds to their professional experience on resume and helps them learn time management and prioritisation of their work. But students are only allowed to work on-campus in positions like research assistants or academic operation work.

    The international students need to send their application for a student visa to the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), which evaluates and grants/denies a visa to candidates coming to the US. There are three types of Visa that international students can apply for:

    Types of US Student Visa

    Types of US Student Visa Features
    F1 Visa
    • For students who wish to pursue a full-time course of study at an accredited US university/college
    • Allows students to work for 20 hours a week or less on a part-time basis
    • Authorizes students for OPT (Optional Practical Training) of 12- 36 months after graduation
    J1 Visa
    • Allows a student to stay for a short period
    • Applicable for international exchange visitors participating in programs in the US
    M1 Visa
    • Applicable for students opting for vocational and technical schools
    • Allows students to stay in the US for no longer than a year

    College application deadlines: To prepare your study abroad plan and avoid any last-minute rush, students must keep track of the college application deadlines. Aspiring international students wishing to study in US have the flexibility to apply through the Early Admission plan, Regular Admission plan or Rolling Admission plan.

    Type of US College Admission Plans

    Types of Admission in US Features
    Early admission plan
    • Allows students to apply before the regular admission process starts
    • Under it, applications are generally processed during the month of November and decisions are conveyed by mid of December
    Regular admission plan
    • Applicants can apply as per the deadlines set by the universities
    • The acceptance/rejection decision is conveyed between 1st January to 1st March
    Rolling admission plan
    • Students’ applications are evaluated for admission until the seats are available.
    • Application decision is taken usually within 4-6 weeks.

    Take a look at the snapshots of college application deadlines of some of the top US universities.

    Name of College/University Early Action (EA) Deadline Regular Action (RA) Deadline
    Harvard University 1st November 1st January
    Note: Harvard recommends EA applicants to submit their application by October so that their applications can be processed early and interview by alumni can be scheduled.
    Stanford University
    • 15th October (Restrictive EA application with Arts Portfolio deadline)
    • 1st November (Standard EA Deadline)
    • 1st December (Application with Arts portfolio)
    • 2nd January (Standard RA Deadline)
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1st November 1st January
    Note: The EA applicants receive their admission decision by mid-December and RA applicants by mid-March.
    California Institute of Technology 1st November 3rd January
    Note: The EA applicants receive their admission decision by mid-December and RA applicants by mid-March.

    How to apply for colleges in US: Each college/university in the US follows its own application process. They may have different eligibility conditions. So, students need to apply separately to the college/university they wish to study in. However, to make your application process easier and more convenient, follow the steps below -

    Step 1: To begin with, decide on the university/college and the specific course which students wish to study. For this, you can visit /courses/united-states/ and research institutions, courses, tuition fees and other relevant information. You can shortlist courses and keep reviewing them before applications.

    Step 2: Once you are certain about the course of study and college, the counselling team of Buddy4Study will contact you to provide suitable assistance in applying to the university of your choice. Students will be required to appear for the applicable tests such as the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, PTE, GRE or GMAT. On the basis of the scores obtained in the tests, their application form will be sent to the respective institutions.

    Step 3: Buddy4Study team will follow up with the institution to get an update on the student’s admissions decision. If they have secured the admission offer, they will have to complete the formalities and pay the required fees.

    Step 4: Lastly, our counsellors will assist you in securing a student Visa, finding suitable scholarships, education loan and accommodation to stay.

    Top scholarships for international students: The cost of study in US is quite high. However, universities and other organisations provide several scholarships, grants and other funding opportunities to international students. Most of these scholarships are merit-based as well as need-based. Given below is a list of some popular scholarships for Indian students to study in US.

    List of top scholarships to study in US

    Scholarship Name Award
    Harvard University-Boustany Foundation MBA Scholarship
    • Financial aid of USD 95,000 (USD 47,500 per annum) towards tuition fees
    • Accommodation and travel expenses related to the internship at Boustany Foundation Internship
    Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship A waiver of 80% in the cost of tuition and associated fees incurred while studying an MBA degree from Stanford Business School, USA
    Fulbright-Nehru Masters Fellowships
    • J1 Visa support
    • Round-trip economy class air travel from fellow's home city to the host institution in the US
    • Funding for tuition, living and related costs
    • Accident and sickness coverage as per U.S. government guidelines
    Tata Scholarship - Cornell University, NY Funding for the entirety of the undergraduate studies (8 semesters)
    National Overseas Scholarship Scheme Annual maintenance allowance of USD 15,400
    Inlaks Scholarships Scholarship benefits of up to USD 100,000 which includes tuition fee waiver, living expenses and one-way travel expenses
    Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Programme An interest-free scholarship of up to INR 20 Lakhs which can be repaid in instalments
    FINCAD's Women in Finance Scholarship USD 20,000 to support women studying graduate-level studies in Finance
    Lady Meherbai D Tata Education Scholarship Financial support to female graduates who have applied for higher education in the US, UK or Europe
    International Excellence Award, Northern Arizona University Up to USD 13,000 worth scholarship per year to undergraduate/graduate students
    J N Tata Endowment Loan Scholarships Loan scholarship up to INR 10 lakhs
    • Study Abroad Popular Courses In USA
    • Master of Business Administration, Northern Arizona University
    • Doctor of Medicine (MD), Saint James School of Medicine
    • UG Diploma in Information Technology (AS), Mount Aloysius College
    • HMX Genetics, Harvard Medical School
    • Master of Science in Information Systems, ECPI University
    • Study Abroad Popular Universities In USA
    • Miami International University of Art and Design
    • National University, San Diego
    • Concordia College, New York
    • Hudson River School of Artists Inventors and John Paolos Xtreme Beauty Institute
    • ECPI University, Virginia

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