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Part time jobs in Ireland

Part-Time Jobs in Ireland – Exploring jobs while studying in Ireland

by Dushyant Patni

Part time Jobs in Ireland – One of the primary concerns for international students is funding their stay in a new country. Fortunately, Ireland allows international students to take up part-time jobs in the country while they are pursuing their chosen academic programs. A part-time job has many benefits which include:

  • Easing the financial pressure faced by international students.
  • Providing them with the opportunity to gain professional experience and exposure.
  • Allowing the students to fully immerse themselves in the city/country they are living in and gain knowledge on its day-to-day culture and lifestyle. 

This article seeks to illustrate the eligibility conditions and different work opportunities available to international students looking for part-time jobs in Ireland. 

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Part time jobs in Ireland – Work Permit Information

International students who are enrolled in a course that lasts a year or more currently do not require a specific work permit to find part-time jobs in Ireland. The student visas granted are separated into two separate categories:

  1. Stamp 2 – Allowed to work part-time
  2. Stamp 2A – Not allowed to work-part time

Stamp 2 visa holders are allowed to work for 40 hours per week during the months of June, July, August and September and also during the holiday period between 15th December to 15th January. During the rest of the year, students holding a stamp 2 visa are only allowed to work for 20 hours per week. 

Part time jobs in Ireland – Eligibility Conditions for International Students

Students who are eligible to search for casual work need to be: 

  • Registered with GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau). 
  • Enrolled on a programme recognised by the Minister for Education and Skills
  • Attending a full-time programme of education at the graduate level or higher
  • Undertaking 15 hours of study per day
  • Taking classes between 8 AM and 6 PM per week for a minimum of 25 weeks in an academic year
  • Enrolled in a programme of one year’s duration 

International students who fulfil the above criteria and wish to work in Ireland during their stay must also obtain a Personal Public Services Number or PPS. An employer will only be able to make payments to employees that have a PPS number. You will also be required to have an account in an Irish bank as all payments are only paid to an Irish bank account. International students will also be subject to Ireland’s taxes, employment laws and taxation requirements. 

Part time jobs in Ireland – Job types

Ireland provides plenty of part-time work opportunities for international students. They are also eligible for the Irish minimum wage of EUR 9.80 per hour. Companies may ask you to work for a trial period before you are given employment. 

The following is a list of some of the options available for international students who wish to work part-time while studying in Ireland: 

  • Restaurants/Bars/CafésThese places have been the mainstay of part-time work opportunities for international students for a number of years. Usually, all you need to do is look for openings and send in your CV. Jobs like waiting tables, dishwashing or being a host at a fine-dining establishment requires candidates to have good social skills and the ability to work in an environment where professionalism is key. Students are eligible for an hourly minimum wage of EUR 9.80, but you can negotiate a better salary if you have experience or your employer is willing to pay more. These places usually work in a shift system so you can choose hours that do not interfere with your study program.
  • Entertainment EventsEntertainment events like concerts, music festivals, theatre performances etc are also a viable option for students looking for part-time jobs while studying in Ireland. The positions available range from ushers, stage-hands, backstage crew, equipment management and security. These are usually one-time opportunities which last for the duration of the event. You can apply for these jobs by looking for opportunities online or by word-of-mouth. Networking can help a lot in securing such jobs.  If you meet the necessary qualifications, you will be hired immediately. 
  • Call Centres/Customer ServiceThe call centre/customer service industry is also a great option for students looking for part-time work. Candidates who hold prior experience in the industry are usually prioritised over freshers, but you can send in your CV and depending on the positions available at the company, you will be hired. Call centre/customer service jobs usually require a high-level of interaction with the clients along with polished communication skills. 

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  • TutoringPrivate tutoring is also an option available for students who wish to work part-time in Ireland. You can contact your university as they usually have programs where students can tutor others part-time, either before or after your classes. You will need to be proficient in whatever subject or topic you choose to help others with. Any experience you have in the teaching/tutoring fields will allow you to get the job more easily. 
  • CleaningIndustrial cleaning companies are always on the lookout for temporary workers to join their crews. Most of the work involves heavy physical labour and working in unsavoury environments. Students looking for part-time work in Ireland in this industry should be aware of what the work entails. Companies usually offer a salary that is higher than the hourly minimum wage of EUR 9.80 per hour, depending upon the nature of your assignment. 
  • RetailRetail jobs involve everything from stacking shelves in a supermarket, to managing the register to being an on-floor salesperson. These jobs provide a stable work environment and a chance to interact with a variety of people throughout the course of your day. Students looking for part-time work in Ireland can apply directly by sending in your CV to the concerned stores, malls etc. You will be eligible for the hourly minimum wage. Some positions pay better than others, and your employer may even offer you a higher pay depending on your interview and experience in the retail sector.




  • Secretary/AssistantThese jobs usually require a high level of organizational and co-ordinations skills. The work involves typical office work like managing schedules, making phone-calls, setting up meetings etc. Students who wish to get an idea of what the corporate work-culture is like in Ireland should consider applying for these jobs. You will be able to make connections that may help you get a permanent job if you choose to reside in Ireland after the completion of your course.  In Ireland one of the best portal to search for jobs is  here


Part time jobs in Ireland – FAQs

Q. Why are part-time jobs important for international students?

A. Part-time jobs are important for international students as they ease the financial pressures of living in a foreign country. Having an alternate source of income will allow you to immerse yourself and experience life in a foreign country to the fullest. Part-time jobs will also allow you to build a professional network and gain valuable experience which will help you in your career after the end of your course. 

Q. Do I need a special work permit to work part-time in Ireland?

International students who are enrolled in a course of 1-year of longer do not require any specific work permit to find part-time jobs in Ireland, provided that they have a Stamp 2 student visa. Stamp 2 holders are eligible to work for 40 hours per week during the months of June, July, August and September and from 15th December to 15th January. The rest of the year they are limited to working for 20 hours per week.

 Q. What is the PPS?

A. PPS or Personal Public Service number is a unique reference number that allows international students to undertake work in Ireland.  All employers require their employees to have a PPS number as they will not be able to make payments to someone who does not have a PPS number. A PPS number will also allow you to qualify for government benefits like health care, social welfare services and even free travel passes! 

 Q. What is the minimum wage international students are eligible for? 

Ireland’s minimum wage is EUR 9.80 per hour. International students are eligible for the same as long as they provide their employer with all the necessary documents and fulfil the eligibility conditions. Employers generally ask you to work for a trial-period before hiring you permanently. 

Q. Why are restaurants/bars/cafes a popular choice for part-time jobs? 

A. Restaurants/bars/cafes have always been a mainstay of part-time job opportunities for international students as they provide them with the chance to work in a highly social environment. These places also have flexible shift timings and do not require highly-specialised skills which benefit students who have to work around their academic schedule.


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