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Study Abroad Israel

Study abroad Israel – Considering Israels exceptional educational system and rich history, it is no surprise to see so many college students opting to make it their study abroad destination. Education is highly valued within the nations culture and has been instrumental in Israels economic development. The high quality of Israels higher education system has also been recognized in global rankings with the country figuring amongst the best education systems in the world.

An important reason, perhaps the most important one, why more and more students are now choosing to study abroad in Israel is that many leading Israeli universities have started offering programs taught entirely in English. One such university, counting among the most prestigious universities in Israel & the Middle East is Tel Aviv University.

Study abroad Israel – Tel Aviv University 

Tel Aviv University, or TAU, is the largest university in Israel, as well as one of its best. It, in fact, ranks among the worlds best for many subject streams. Founded in 1956, TAU has consistently featured in the list of top 200 universities in the world. Along the way, it has garnered many accolades, a few of which are listed here below:

  • Listed as one of the 100 best science universities in the world by The Times of London
  • Featured in Reuters list for Top 100 Innovation Universities
  • Ranks 8th in the world for graduates who have established unicorn companies worth USD 1 billion or more the only non-U.S. university to make the top 10
  • Ranked 10th outside the USA, 43rd in the world and 1st in Israel for US patents
  • Ranked as #151-200 in Top Universities Worldwide as per Shanghai Ranking, 2018
  • Ranked 85 in the world by the Center for World University Rankings, 2018
  • Ranked as #174 in Best Global Universities as per U.S. News Education world report, 2018
  • Ranked as #16 for producing millionaires in THEs World TOP 100 Universities
  • TAUs Faculty of Engineering has been ranked #51-75 in the world as per Shanghai Index, 2018
  • Ranked 21 in the world for citation impact per faculty member in the 2018 QS rankings
  • Ranked as one of the top 10 Universities in the world to produce the most entrepreneurs
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Study abroad Israel – Courses On Offer

Tel Aviv University hosts more than 15,000 international students through short term, student exchange and full-time study programs taught entirely in English. For Indian students, the following short term and undergraduate courses hosted at TAU are of particular interest:

Short Term Courses

  • Business and Entrepreneurship in the Start-Up Nation Israel has more venture capital per capita and more startups than any other country in the world. From instant messaging and cherry tomatoes, to drip irrigation and the worlds smallest video camera, the Israeli spirit of innovation has contributed significantly to the world, setting a high mark for excellence in entrepreneurship. This is one of the main reasons why Tel Aviv University provides the perfect environment for studying business, innovation and entrepreneurship in depth. Through the course, students will have a chance to examine the entrepreneurs role in the global economy and explore idea generation and development, as well as the various business models used to successfully drive an idea forward from a small seed to a global platform.
  • Cyber Security Israel is a leading powerhouse in the domain of cyber security innovation, and Tel Aviv University gives students interested in the subject the perfect opportunity to sharpen their understanding through two unique short-term programs an advanced and elite program exploring Cyber Security policymaking and governance in view of national and economic security, and another focused on the technical aspect of Cyber Security. Students also have the option of participating in the universitys Cyber Week, an annual leading international conference in cybersecurity held at Tel Aviv University.
  • Middle East and Conflict Studies Students enrolling in this short-term course will get a chance to have an insiders perspective of the Middle East, and gain a nuanced understanding of the region. Students have an option to take up to two from the available three courses that are part of the summer program. In addition to coursework, students also have the opportunity to participate in cultural evening activities and overnight excursions around the country.
  • Summer Internship Program Tel Aviv University offers internship programs tailored to each students academic background and professional interests. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a professional workshop on career development, organizational behavior and cultural differences in the workplace. Tel Aviv is the centre of business and innovation in Israel. Not only do students have a chance to explore career opportunities in a wide variety of industries, but they also get to network and make strong international connections with industry professionals.
  • Summer Research Program in the Sciences In this short-term program, outstanding students from all around the world get first-hand experience of scientific research by becoming part of a research group at Tel Aviv University. Participants are assigned to a variety of science labs under the supervision of experienced scientists. Students will serve as full-fledged members of the scientific team and at the end of the program present their research findings to the rest of the group as well as to relevant faculty and team members.
  • Food Safety & Security This unique program aims to explore the many dimensions of food security while offering students a broad understanding of food security related issues through high level academic courses and exposure to Israeli agricultural innovation.
  • Smart Cities For the first time in human history, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. This program looks at the consequences of this urbanization trend with particular focus on traffic congestion, urban sustainability, resilience, governance and urban planning. What better place to take such a program than a city dubbed the Worlds Smartest City Tel Aviv. The course will also give participants an opportunity to visit Tel Aviv Municipalitys facilities as well as meet city officials dealing with Smart City solutions.Study Abroad College Admissions Login

Undergraduate Courses

  • B.A. Liberal Arts The 3-year B.A. degree in Liberal Arts is a multidisciplinary program that provides students with a strong liberal arts education, empowering them to succeed in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world. Designed to motivate students to explore beyond the confines of single disciplines, the course offers a broad selection of courses in various fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences. In addition to coursework, students also get the opportunity to participate in cultural events, seminars, and lectures on campus, as well as study trips throughout Israel to deepen their understanding of local and international topics.
  • B.Sc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering The 4-year undergraduate program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering is offered at the School of Electrical Engineering, part of the Faculty of Engineering at Tel-Aviv University. The school is one of the largest engineering schools in Israel. The school has an outstanding faculty comprising leading researchers in their field, many of whom also serve on the editorial boards of the most prestigious academic journals. Students enrolled in this course have ample occasions to network with some of the worlds largest hi-tech companies and be scouted for employment prior to graduation. Companies such as Apple, Samsung, Amazon conduct campus recruitment from the university.

Study abroad Israel – Scholarships Available

For Indian students looking to study abroad in Israel, Tel Aviv University has announced scholarships that can help significantly lessen their financial costs. Applications for the scholarships are being accepted online and students need to register themselves at Buddy4Study to submit their applications.  There are two separate scholarships for students:

  • Tel Aviv University Summer Program Scholarship 2019, Israel This scholarship is for students looking to study abroad for short-term courses available at TAU. Students can choose to enroll for any of the above listed short-term courses and submit their applications online before the 10th of April. Selected scholars will receive partial tuition waiver of up to 65% of the total fee.
  • Tel Aviv University Under-Graduation Program 2019, Israel Students who wish to enroll for the B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering degree program can apply for this scholarship. Applications for the scholarship are open till the 1st of May, and selected scholars will receive a scholarship award of up to USD 10,000.

This is an excellent opportunity for Indian students to study abroad in Israel on a scholarship, and experience world class education at one of the leading universities in the world.

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