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Working while Studying in Australia What You Must Know?

by Shruti Pandey

Working while studying in Australia acts as a boon for international students in complementing their study as well as living experiences. Australia is undoubtedly a much-preferred study abroad destination among international students but it can be a costly affair for many students to afford. With the average annual living cost coming to around AUD 35,000 to AUD 40,000, working while studying in Australia seems to be the best-suited option to meet the basic expenses. In fact, working while studying in Australia is comparatively easier than working post study.

What are the benefits of working while studying in Australia? What are the visa requirements to work while pursuing studies in Australia? What are the part-time work opportunities available for international students in Australia? How can a student find suitable work opportunity in Australia? Find an answer to all these questions in detail in this article. It provides in-depth information on working while studying in Australia.

Working while Studying in Australia Understanding the need

Are you considering Australia as your study abroad destination for higher studies? If yes, as compared to the USA, Australia is a cheaper study abroad destination for you. However, with fairly high living expenses, working while studying can help you earn sufficient pocket money to supplement your living cost in Australia. Adding to this, you also get an opportunity to gain relevant work experience in your respective area of study. Besides this, there are several other reasons as well for which the students from India prefer to work while studying in Australia that include

  • Understanding the people of Australia in a better way
  • Learn relevant and valuable professional skills
  • To ensure financial safety in Australia
  • Enjoy hassle-free living experience with the money paid


Working while Studying in Australia Key Facts to Remember

Did you know that an Australian student visa allows international students to work part-time while pursuing their full-time degree courses? This is one of the many facts that a student aspiring to pursue an education in Australia must know. Given below are some key facts about working while studying in Australia that can help you plan your studies abroad efficiently.

  • A student visa of Australia under subclass 500 allows you to work for up to 40 hours every fortnight during the academic session.
  • Students can work for unlimited hours during holidays or scheduled breaks with an Australian student visa.
  • To ensure working while studying in Australia, a student must pursue a minimum 2-year degree course from an Australian University.
  • The international students working in Australia have the same basic rights in their workplace as other Australian workers have.
  • The students can start working while studying in Australia once they have started their course of study.
  • Having a minimum lawful pay rate is mandatory.
  • The minimum wages in Australia are generally calculated on an hourly or weekly basis.
  • Also, the employees are paid for all the hours of work they put in including the time spent on opening or closing.
  • As per the announcement made by the FWC (Fair Work Commission), the national minimum wage for employees in Australia has been increased by 3.5%. The new pay rate has been set at AUD 18.93 per hour.

The table given below highlights the minimum wages of employees under different categories

S.No. Category Minimum wage rate per hour*
1. National minimum wage AUD 18.93
2. Disabled adults AUD 18.29
3. Junior employee below 16 years of age AUD 6.97
4. Junior employee of 16 years of age AUD 8.95
5. Junior employee of 17 years of age AUD 10.94
6. Junior employee of 18 years of age AUD 12.93
7. Junior employee of 19 years of age AUD 15.61
8. Junior employee of 20 years of age AUD 18.91
9. First year of apprenticeship AUD 10.41
10. Second year of apprenticeship AUD 12.30
11. Third year of apprenticeship AUD 15.14
12. Fourth year of apprenticeship AUD 17.98

*The minimum wage rate mentioned above is updated in 2018 and may change at the discretion of FWC.Colleges Admissions, Study Abroad, Login with user details, find Courses, Exams, Scholarships

Also, if you wish to find the industry-wise minimum wages for different positions, refer to the pay calculator of the Fair Work Commission.

Working while Studying in Australia Opportunities to explore

Australia is a land of numerous opportunities for those who are looking for working while studying. Housing a vast number of industries, the country offers both part-time and full-time work opportunities for individuals. For students, who wish to pursue higher studies in Australia, they can opt for paid work opportunities, internships and volunteering activities. The key industries which offer paid part-time work opportunities for students include

  • Hospitality Offering jobs at restaurants, caf, clubs and bars.
  • Retail Opportunities available in supermarkets, clothing stores, departmental stores, etc.
  • Tourism The jobs offered under this industry are majorly related to hotels, motels and accommodation.
  • Telemarketing and sales Explore opportunities at call centres, business, finance and employment services.
  • Tutoring The students can opt for giving tuitions to students both in person or at institutions to earn.
  • Administrative and clerical roles Get jobs at various organisations available under arts and recreational services, building and construction services, food manufacturing and processing, etc.

Besides the paid-work, the students are also open to paid/unpaid internships at various industries. Internships are also a significant medium of getting exposure to financial, creative and professional industries. Furthermore, there are several NGOs and charities in Australia that require volunteers to expand their reach. Volunteering is also a great way to gain hands-on experience and meet friends thereby giving back to the community.


Working while Studying in Australia Finding a work opportunity

Finding a suitable part-time work opportunity in Australia to carry out working while studying is quite simple. The students can explore plenty of opportunities through various ways such as newspapers, online job sites and more. Some institutions in Australia also offer job notifications on their notice boards (on-campus) and online. Working within the university campus at cafeteria, library or any other department is also a good option available for students. If you are seeking for a job opportunity in Australia, to start with, you can contact the international student support staff of your institution for the options they offer.


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