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Business Studies in Canada – Region-wise Top Universities and Courses, Salaries

by Akash Tyagi
Business Studies in Canada

As per a joint survey by Universities Canada and Startup Canada, Canadian universities provide above 60 business incubators, accelerators and start-up programmes. This is one of the primary reasons for Canadas entrepreneurial economic growth. For your information, business incubators are organisations that help in accelerating the growth and success of start-ups by providing them with office space and shared facilities. Business accelerators, on the other hand, do the same functions while also providing funding opportunities.

Hence, Canada is a great destination to pursue business-related courses. According to a research conducted by CarringtonCrisp, an education marketing organization, Canada is the 4th most popular destination among business students. This survey was conducted among 1211 students from over 74 countries in the year 2018.Study Abroad

In this article, we would lay stress on the popular universities in Canada for business programs, course details, average salaries and other crucial information necessary for students.

Business Studies in Canada – Top provinces for Business Studies in Canada

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Quebec
  • Alberta

Each of these provinces possess highly acclaimed universities for business courses (according to the QS World University Rankings) and also encourage quality living and affordable education.

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1. Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto) – Though the management school is popular for its reputed MBA courses, it also provides quality bachelors courses and other specializations in many fields related to business. Marketing, Management, Accounting and Human Resources are popular business specializations which are available to the students.

As for MBA courses, students may prefer any of the 4 available programs. These are:

  • Full-time MBA
  • Morning and Evening MBA
  • Executive MBA (1 year)

Students can also seek for a PHD or a masters in finance. Thus, a plethora of options are available for the students who want to pursue business degrees from a top-notch university.


Course Duration Approximate annual fee
Bachelors of Business Administration – Management 4 years CAD 53,000
Bachelors of Business Administration – Management and Accounting 4 years CAD 53,000
B.Com Rotman 4 years CAD 53,000
MBA – Global Management 2 years CAD 63,000 – CAD 66,000

2. Ivey Business School (University of Western Ontario) - This business school offers HBA (Honors in Business Administration), PhD, MBA, EMBA and MSc programs. Ivey also holds the title of launching the “1st MBA and PHD program in Canada”. Top specializations for business includes International Business, Finance, Managerial Accounting and Entrepreneurship.

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Aspiring candidates must -

  • Submit authentic transcripts of their previous educational exams.
  • International students must be highly proficient in spoken and written English. Thus, it is mandatory for students to score more than 7.0 in EPT tests like TOEFL and IELTS.
  • A minimum of 85 score in the MELAB test would also ensure that the concerned student is eligible for admission in the B-school.
  • Specifically for the masters programme, GMAT and GRE scores are given importance along with a letter of reference and a minimum 2-year experience as a full time employee in an organization.


Course Duration Approximate annual fee
Honors in Business Administration 5 years CAD 33,000
PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in Business 4 years CAD 3,400

3. Algonquin College – Being one of the finest business schools in Canada, Algonquin College offers a range of business courses. Some of the popular business specializations at Algonquin college are Business Accounting, Business Administration, Management and Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management and Business Intelligence Research.


Course Duration Full tuition fee (approx.)
Bachelor of Commerce (e-Supply Chain Management) ( Honors) 4 years CAD 71,800
College Diploma in Business 42 weeks CAD 23,800
College Diploma in Business – Marketing 2 years CAD 30,800


1. Sauder School of Business (University of British Columbia) – There are a number of graduate and undergraduate programs available at the Sauder School of Business that range from a 4-year bachelors programme to the international exchange programs. Students may opt for joint programs, international programs or even combined programs. Both full-time and part-time MBA programs are also available.


Course Duration Starts Fee (approx.)
Bachelor of Commerce 4 Years September CAD 49,000 (1st year, 30 credits)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)- Accounting 4 Years September CAD 8,700 (annual)
Masters of Business Analytics 1 Year, 39 Credit Hours September CAD 55,700 (entire course)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)- Finance 4 Years September CAD 8,700 (annual)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)- Marketing 4 Years CAD 8,700 (annual)

2. Faculty of Business Administration (Simon Fraser University)- As per the QS Rankings, this university is the 314th best university in the world, and its faculty of business administration stands in the elite league of top business schools in Canada. The business programs are offered with flexible structures, including the evening session courses that are ideal for the working students. The course options available at the business school includes Co-op programmes, international business programs, bachelor courses and masters courses.


Course Duration Starts Approximate fee (Approx)
BBA – Business Finance 120 units September CAD 1100 (per unit)
BBA – Innovation and Entrepreneurship 120 units September CAD 1100 (per unit)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Business Administration (Online/Distance) 4-5 years September CAD 1900 (per term)
Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Online/Distance) 1-2 years May CAD 16,000 (entire course fee)
Certificate in Business Analytics and Decision Making 27 units (min) September NA

3. VIU’s Faculty of Management (Vancouver Island University) – Located in Nanaimo, the VIU”s Faculty of Management is one of Canada’s only 3 business schools which are accredited by the ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs), a popular US organization which offers accreditations to top business programs all over the world.


Course Duration Starts Apply by Annual Fee (approx.)
BBA – Accounting 4 years September End of March CAD 16,680
BBA – International Business 4 years September End of March CAD 16,680
BBA – Marketing 4 years September End of March CAD 16,680
BBA – Management 4 years September End of March CAD 16,680
Diploma in Business Administration 2 years September CAD 15,200
Graduate Certificate in Business 1 year September CAD 19,000
MBA 14 months September CAD 32,000 – 35,000


1. McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management - Established in the year 1906, it is one of the most prestigious and oldest business Schools in Canada. With over 30,000 alumni from all around the globe, Desautels has paved a way for bright futures of students for decades now. With a perfect blend of world-class education and affordable living facilities, Desautels certainly is one of the finest places to study business studies in Canada. This business school leaves no stone unturned in helping the scholars, who are not financially sound, by awarding multiple scholarships.


Course Duration Annual Fee (approx.)
B.Com - Major Accounting 3 – 4 years CAD 48,700
B. Com – Major Economics 3 – 4 years CAD 48,700
B. Com – Marketing Major 3 – 4 years CAD 48,700
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Management 4 years CAD 15,630
Masters of Management in Analytics (MMA) 45 credit hours CAD 33,000
Masters of Business Administration in Management (Non-Thesis) – Finance 57 credit hours CAD 44,500
Masters of Business Administration in Management (Non-Thesis) – Marketing 57 credit hours CAD 44,500 (

2. The Williams School of Business, Bishop’s University – This business school plays a vital role in enhancing the popularity of the Bishop’s University among international students. Renowned for its impeccable quality of bachelors courses , more than 1/5th students in the Bishop’s University are enrolled in this esteemed faculty of business. The programs are also validated by the Network of International Business Schools (NIBS), a stellar association of more than 70 business schools from all over the globe.


Course Duration Starts Fee (approx.)
Bachelors of Business Administration (B.B.A) – Accounting 120 credit hours September CAD 750 (per credit)
Bachelors of Business Administration (B.B.A) – Finance 120 credit hours September CAD 750 (per credit)
Bachelors of Business Administration (B.B.A) – Marketing and Entrepreneurship 120 credit hours September CAD 750 (per credit)
Certificate in Business Administration 30 credit hours September CAD 16,000 (annual)
Bachelors of Business Administration (B.B.A) – International Business 120 credit hours September CAD 750 (per credit)

3. John Molson School of Business, Concordia University– Located in the mesmerizing city of Montreal, one of the best cities for international students, John Molson School of Business is one of the rapidly growing business institutions in Canada. With more than 150 faculty members from over 30 countries and a close to 55,000 alumni working worldwide, the business school certainly is amongst the top business schools in the Quebec Province. There are as much as 18 programmes available in 5 departments. John Molson School of Business is even ranked by Bloomberg as the top institution in Canada for MBA in Entrepreneurship. The Economist ranks it as the 2nd best EMBA course in Canada.

Top Bachelors Programmes at John Molson School of Business:

  • Accountancy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Administration (BAdmin)
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Supply Chain Operations Management

Business Certificate Programmes at John Molson School of Business :

  • Business Studies
  • Accountancy
  • Foundations of Business

MBA Programmes at John Molson School of Business:

  • Full-time MBA
  • Part-time MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • MBA in Investment Management

Professional Programmes at John Molson School of Business:

  • CPA- Chartered Professional Accountancy
  • GDBA- Diploma in Business Administration
  • GCQBS- Certificate in Quantitative Business Studies
  • GCBA- Certificate in Business Administration

Research Programs at John Molson School of Business

  • MSc in Finance
  • MSc in Marketing
  • MSc in Management
  • PHd in Business Administration
  • MSCM- Master of Supply Chain Management



1. Alberta School of Business – Established in 1916, the Alberta School of Business is regarded as one of the finest publicly-funded institutions in Canada. It was also the first business institution in Canada which was validated by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).

Alberta School of Business offers various courses like Bachelors of Commerce, Masters in Business Administration and doctorate courses as well.

Bachelors of Commerce Programmes at Alberta School of Business

  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • International Business
  • Marketing

Alberta School of Business is one of the very few colleges in Canada to offer a bilingual Bachelors of Commerce. Since French is considered as the second language in Canada, this course is quite popular among the international as well as local students.

Specialized Full-time MBA Programmes (20 Months) at Alberta School of Business:

  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in International Business

Specialized PhD Programmes at Alberta School of Business:

  • PhD in Accounting
  • PhD in Finance
  • PhD in Marketing
  • PhD in Operations and Information Systems

The Alberta School of Business provides EMBA programmes and has collaborated with Xi’an Jiaotong University for MBA and MFM (Masters of Financial Management) programmes in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China.

2. Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary – Haskayne Business School offers a wide range of courses from bachelors and masters to the PhD and other professional courses in business.

Top Specializations for the Bachelors in Commerce at Haskayne School of Business:

  • Accounting
  • Business Analytics
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Marketing
  • International Business Strategy
  • Operations Management
  • Real Estate Studies
  • Risk Management and Insurance

MBA Programmes at Haskayne School of Business:

  • Daytime MBA
  • Evening MBA
  • Accelerated MBA
  • Combined MBA
  • Thesis MBA
  • Executive MBA

Doctors in Business Administration (DBA) is also offered at the Haskayne Business School. The aspiring candidate must have completed his/her bachelors and masters in business from a recognized university. The application deadline falls in the month of August.

Region-wise Average Salary of Accounting and Finance Professionals in Canada

State Annual Salary in CAD (approx.)
Alberta 1,75,000
British Columbia 1,80,000
Manitoba 1,70,000
Ontario 1,80,000
Quebec 1,80,000
Saskatchewan 1,60,000
Northwest territories 1,65,000

Region-wise Average Salary of Business Planning Professionals in Canada

State Annual Salary (CAD)
Alberta 210,000
British Columbia 210,000
Manitoba 200,000
Ontario 215,000
Quebec 210,000
Saskatchewan 185,000
Northwest territories 190,000

Region-wise Average Salary of Marketing Professionals in Canada

State Annual Salary (CAD)
Alberta 215,000
British Columbia 215,000
Manitoba 200,000
Ontario 220,000
Quebec 220,000
Saskatchewan 190,000
Northwest territories 200,000

Region-wise Average Salary for Human Resource Professionals in Canada

State Annual Salary (CAD)
Alberta 185,000
British Columbia 190,000
Manitoba 180,000
Ontario 190,000
Quebec 190,000
Saskatchewan 170,000
Northwest territories 170,000

Study AbroadBusiness Studies in Canada – FAQ’s

Q. Which are the best business schools in Canada?

Ans. According to the 2019 QS rankings, the top business schools in Canada are Rotman School of Management, Desautels Faculty of Management, Ivey Business School and Schulich school of business.

Q. What is the average salary of MBA professionals in Canada?

Ans. The average salary of an MBA graduate in Canada is CAD 79,076. Though, fresh graduates don’t get this much and they may expect a base salary of CAD 34,000 (approx.) at the start of their professional careers.

Q. Is MBA also available as a part-time course in Canada?

Ans. Yes, there are various business schools which provide evening or part-time MBA courses. John Molson School of Business, Haskayne School of Business, Desautels Faculty of Management and Rotman School of Management are some of the top business schools which provide part-time MBA courses in Canada.

Q. Which region averages the highest salary for business planning in Canada?

Ans.Ontario is the highest paying region in Canada for business planning professionals. An established professional earns an average of CAD 220,000 per year. Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta are other regions which also pay high salaries to business planning professionals.

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