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Cost of Living in Ireland – All You Need to Know

by Bhawana Vats
Cost of Living in Ireland

Cost of living in Ireland is an important factor to be considered by International students before deciding to take admission at Irish Universities. Students should keep in mind that the cost of living varies depending on the region they are living in. Cities like Dublin, Cork and Galway are highly expensive as compared to Waterford, Limerick and Mayo. So, the prospective students must plan accordingly because the cost of living in Ireland is equivalent to living in an expensive city in the United States. While calculating living costs, students should consider accommodation, food, transportation, clothing, books and other miscellaneous expenses.

In this article, we have covered in detail the various costs that add to the cost of living for a student who wishes to study in Ireland. Now lets take a look at the monthly expenses incurred by students while living in the UK.

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Cost of Living in Ireland Average Monthly Expenses

The cost of living in Ireland includes the expenses related to food, lodging, travelling, clothing and several other factors. Here is a brief account of all the important components which can be calculated to help the international students in making a financial plan for living in a foreign country. On average, a foreign student needs between EUR 7,000 to 12,000 annually to live in Ireland.


The accommodation cost in Ireland is very high. International students coming to study in Ireland need to know about the scene of housing rents in and around the university campus they wish to study in. They can opt for an on-campus accommodation which generally consists of 4 to 8 separate bedrooms, a shared kitchen, bathroom and living room. However, on-campus housing is always in demand and can be rather expensive.

So, living outside the university campus is more preferable. The closer a student chooses to live to his/her university, the more it gets expensive. The house rent can fall anywhere near EUR 350-800 per month. Students can easily make the rent affordable by sharing the living space with other students.


The cost of food is one of the most important factors that need to be added while calculating the living cost of Ireland. The amount of money spend on food may vary as per the preference of an individual. Students generally spend an average of EUR 100-250 per month on food expenses. Often eating lunch and dinner in restaurants can add to food expenses. However, having home-cooked food can help maintain expenses.


Private and public transport in Ireland is very costly. People here usually prefer cycles to move around which is inexpensive. International students can take that into account if they like cycling. Travelling by bus can cost around EUR 90-120 on monthly basis. So, the overall cost of travel can vary depending on the mode of transportation and distance students travel.

Books and Study Materials

While calculating the cost of living cost, students must keep aside a little money for books and study materials. An average of EUR 80-100 can be added to the budget for purchasing books and study materials.

Personal Care

Students also need to keep a separate pool of money for their personal care. It may include clothing, medicines and other such expenses. An amount of EUR 50 per month can cover this cost.

Having read the brief accounts on the particulars that add up to make the cost of living in Ireland, take a look at the table given below for easy comprehension of the monthly expenses incurred by international students while living in Ireland.

Living Cost in Ireland on a Monthly Basis



Monthly Expenditure



EUR 350-800



EUR 20-40



EUR 90-120


Books and materials

EUR 80-100



EUR 100


Cellular service

EUR 30-40


Personal care

EUR 50



EUR 100-250

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Cost of Living in Ireland โ€“ One-off costs

Before travelling to Ireland, international students need to pay for some items which can be considered as one-off costs, meaning one-time payment for particulars. Given below is a list of such particulars that students need to pay only once.

  • Travel insurance cost
  • Cost of post/baggage to/from Ireland
  • Medical insurance
  • Police registration
  • Mobile phone
  • Deposit for accommodation

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