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Cost of Living in Singapore – All You Need to Know

by Bhawana Vats
Cost of Living in Singapore

Cost of living in Singapore is the foremost thing that clicks in ones mind while applying to any university or college in Singapore. Since affordability of a course is the key deciding factor for pursuing admission opportunity abroad, prospective students must analyse minute details of the cost involved in studying abroad. 

While some cities in Singapore are quite expensive, a random selection of location is not advisable. The aspirants must draw a comprehensive financial plan that should majorly include accommodation, food, transportation, clothing, medical expenses, daily essentials and miscellaneous expenses. 

Singapore is considered as one of the best education systems in the world with its renowned universities like the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University ranking in the top 20 list of QS World University Ranking. It attracts many students from India for higher studies every year. If you are also among those aspirants, this article will enrich you with detailed information related to the cost of living in Singapore.

Breakdown of the Average Annual Cost of Education in Singapore

S.No. Level of Education Average Cost
1. Primary SGD 363
2. Secondary SGD 470
3. Junior College/Centralised Institution SGD 727
4. Undergraduate program SGD 8000 to SGD 25,000
5. Postgraduate program SGD 20,000 to SGD 30,000

Cost of living in Singapore Country-wise comparison

Singapore, being one of the most expensive countries in the world, requires prospective students to prepare a plan accordingly. The rates of rent in Singapore are proportional to the quality of furnishing and the recreational facilities provided in the house.

However, if compared with prominent countries like the UK, USA or Australia, Singapore is still a reasonable option for Indian students. Given below is a detailed comparison of the cost of rental housing in Singapore for International students with four other top countries to study abroad. This table highlights the average cost of a 1 bedroom flat and transportation expenses monthly.

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Detailed Comparison of Country-Wise Accommodation and Transportation Rates

S.No. Countries 1 bedroom flat A monthly pass for transportation
1. Singapore 2,812 SGD 100 SGD
2. United Kingdom (UK) 2,970 SGD 230 SGD
3. United States of America  (USA) 4,140 SGD 163 SGD
4. Germany 1,144 SGD 125 SGD
5. Australia 2,720 SGD 168 SGD

The student having a tight budget can also opt for the Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats. These flats are government housing flats and are quite reasonable. Though these flats are not well furnished and come with no recreational facilities, they can turn out to be a suitable accommodation option for students to stay.  

Cost of living in Singapore – Expenses Involved

When considering the cost of living in Singapore, you need to look after a number of factors besides accommodation and transportation such as basic utilities, clothing, books and stationery, etc. An average monthly expense for the international student must comprise every significant aspect. Given below is a percent-wise overview of weightage given to each factor. 

Percentage-wise Details of Expenses in Singapore

S.No. Particulars Percent wise weightage
1. Accommodation 41.4%
2. Transport 14.7%
3. Clothing And Shoes 1.9%
4. Sports And Leisure 5.6%
5. Markets 24.7%
6. Utilities 3.4%
7. Restaurant 8.2%

Furthermore, find below a rough estimate of monthly expenditure that an international student has to bear in Singapore. 

Detailed Monthly Expenditure in Singapore

S.No. Particulars Average monthly cost
1. Accommodation 200 SGD – 700 SGD
2. Utilities 40 SGD – 100 SGD
3. Food 300 SGD – 450 SGD
4. Transportation 50 SGD
5. Telecommunication 50 SGD
6. Books & Stationery 100 SGD per term
7. Personal Expenses 100 SGD – 300 SGD

Cost of Living in Singapore – Accommodation Details

Singapore has a well developed rental housing sector. Whether you are looking for a rental house within the city or outside it, the prices vary accordingly. The centre of the city will cost you more than outside of the city. If you have no issue with travelling, you can save more money. The average monthly cost of one bedroom flat in the city centre is 2,812 SGD. However, the average rate for the monthly cost of one bedroom flat outside the city centre is 1,912 SGD. 

Cost of Living in Singapore – Transportation Cost

The students can travel anywhere in Singapore through public transport like bus, to cut the cost of travelling. They can also opt for a monthly pass to save more. If a student commutes daily by taking a bus ticket, he/she has to pay 1.8 SGD for one time only. However, if they take a monthly pass, they have to pay only 100 SGD for a month.

Cost of Living in Singapore – Average Miscellaneous Monthly Expense

Once you have planned your accommodation and transportation expenses, you also need to pay heed to various other miscellaneous expenses such as internet connection, stationery, visit to a doctor, haircut, etc. Find a detailed breakdown of various miscellaneous expenses in the table below and plan your stay in Singapore accordingly. 

Miscellaneous Expenses Details

S.No Particulars Average monthly cost in SGD Average monthly cost in INR
1. Internet 40 1845
2. Call rate per minute 0.2 9.23
3. Books and Stationary 150 6919
4. Haircut 35 1614
5. A single visit to Polyclinic 15 691

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