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New Zealand Student Visa – Apply student visa to pursue higher studies in New Zealand

by Anamika Sharma
New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand Student Visa In the last few years, New Zealand has emerged as a popular destination for international students who wish to study abroad. Tightening of visa norms in the USA and UK has contributed to this rising popularity. In comparison, New Zealands easy student visa policies and high quality of education system has worked as a charm to attract bright international students. To be a part of the student community of New Zealand, students need to have a New Zealand student visa which is required if they apply for a full-time course of study that is longer than three months.

In this article, we have covered the important features of New Zealand student visa such as application process for student visa, documents required and other requirements.

New Zealand Student Visa Key Facts

There are a few important facts that students applying for New Zealand student visa must know. Lets take a look at some of them.

  • International students, who have taken admission in full-time program of a New Zealand university, need to apply for New Zealand student visa. Also, the duration of the study program must be of more than 6 months.
  • A study program of not more than 3-months duration, approved or exempted by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), can be pursued by an international student on a visitor visa. He/she need not apply for a student visa.
  • In order to get a New Zealand student visa, international students must have received an offer to join a programme of study at level 7 or above as per the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

New Zealand Student Visa Visa Requirements

New Zealand student visa can be applied by international students to study full-time courses from an approved education provider in New Zealand. Foreign students need to pay the full cost of their course in order to be eligible. There are a few more eligibility conditions that students need to fulfil to get a New Zealand student visa.

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Genuine intentions

The applicants must demonstrate genuine intention of coming to New Zealand for the purpose of study. They must submit evidence to show that they will comply with the conditions of their visa after arrival in New Zealand. The applicants need to provide documents that show they meet all the criteria for the visa.

Offer of place

The student visa applicants must have received an offer of place from an approved education provider of New Zealand. The offer of place must include the following information:

  • Name and duration of the course of study
  • Confirmation that applicants tuition fees will be paid by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Whether the course of study is full-time, part-time or correspondence/distance learning
  • Whether the study programme has more than one academic year, the dates of all the scheduled holidays of the course
  • Confirmation that the applicants accommodation complies with the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students if the he/she is under 18 years of age
  • The offer of place must include the education providers signed declaration that the institution has assessed and satisfied that the study programme is as per the expectation of the student and he/she has the English language ability and academic capability to succeed

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Tuition fees

The applicants should have evidence of having enough funds to finance their education unless they have been exempted from it. The evidence must include any one of the following information:

  • Letter from applicants education provider showing fees are paid or that the applicant does not need to pay fees
  • Evidence that the applicant has applied for an educational loan in his/her country and confirmation that the NZ education provider is expecting to receive the fees
  • Evidence that the applicant has applied for a home country government loan and confirmation that the applicant is enrolled in a bachelor degree programme or higher at a Private Training Establishment (PTE)
  • Evidence of applicant having received a scholarship from his/her education provider

Medical & travel insurance

The applicants must have full medical and travel insurance to cover their entire stay in the country. They need to declare in the visa application that they agree to arrange and hold insurance. The insurance policy must cover the following:

  • Applicants travel which must include travel to and from New Zealand, within New Zealand, and outside New Zealand if travelling as part of the course
  • Medical care in NZ including diagnosis, prescription, surgery, and hospitalisation
  • The transportation out of New Zealand as a result of serious illness or injury, including cover of travel costs incurred by family members assisting the student
  • death (including cover of the travel costs of family members to and from New Zealand, costs of repatriation, and funeral expenses)

Note: PhD students dont need to hold insurance.


The international students need to provide a copy of their passport as proof of identity while submitting visa applications. The applicants need to provide 1 acceptable photo if they are applying for visa online or 2 photos in case applying through paper application form.


The applicants must be in good health. They may need to get chest x-ray done using a panel physician.


The applicants need to provide police certificates as proof of good character. The certificate must be less than 6 months old during the submission of visa application. It should be translated in English if it is not issued in English.


Applicants must provide evidence of having sufficient money to cover their living expenses while pursuing studies in New Zealand. The evidence must include the following details:

  • Proof of having NZD 15,000 for a full year of study or NZD 1,250 per month till the applicants stay in New Zealand
  • Documents to show the applicants living expenses are paid
  • The applicant or his/her sponsor or financial guarantor must provide tax returns of last 3 years to confirm regular income
  • Payslips or corresponding bank statements for at least the last 6 months that shows regular inflow of income into the bank account
  • A fixed-term deposit that is at least 6 months old, or a General Provident Fund statement
  • In case the duration of the study programme is longer than 6 months, the applicant needs to provide evidence of savings and income for the last 3 years that support the applicants payment plan
  • Proof that shows the applicant can pay his/her tuition and living expenses for the entire time he/she is in New Zealand

Practical experience

If the course an applicant has applied for requires him/her to do practical work experience, he or she needs to provide evidence that it is a course requirement.

New Zealand Student Visa Application Process

International students can apply for a student visa through paper application form or online process. The easiest way to apply for a visa online. Given below are the steps to describe how to apply for New Zealand student visa.

  • If the applicant prefers to apply by using paper application form, he/she can download the Student Visa Application NZ (INZ 1012) form from the official website of www.immigration.govt.nz and fill in the required information using capital letters.
  • There are 11 sections from Section A to K that applicants need to fill. These sections ask for information regarding the applicant’s personal details, contact details, health, character, visa, financial details, parent/legal guardian details, declaration, immigration advisers details or details of the person who assisted the applicant and application fee payment details.
  • The applicants also need to attach the relevant documents with the completed form, pay application cost of INR 15,300 and receiving centre fees of INR 1,087 and send the completed form to New Zealand Visa Application Centre in India through post. To know about receiving centres in India visit the website of New Zealand Visa Application Centre in India.
  • The visa application is generally processed within the duration of 4 months.

Note: If applicant wishes to apply for a student visa online, visit the New Zealand Immigration website. Fill the necessary details, upload the required documents and pay the applicable fees.

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