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Post Study Visa & Work Opportunities in Germany for International Students

by Anup chowdhury
Post Study Work Visa Germany

Post Study Work Visa Germany – Germany is a renowned study abroad destination for international students who wish to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies. Most of the international students like to stay back after completing their studies in Germany. A candidate has to apply for a new visa at the Foreigners Registration Office and extend his or her visa before it gets expired. This can help them avail new work opportunities after studying in Germany. To avail work opportunities, students have to apply for a residence permit while they are still in the final year of their university studies. Courses like Engineering, Computer Science, etc, are quite popular among international students. A number of job opportunities await international students who have acquired post study work visa (Germany) after their studies. A few years of experience in any related field adds points to their job profile.

In this article, we have explored the post study visa & work opportunities that students can avail in Germany.

Post Study Work Visa Germany – Working during studies

International (Non-EU and EEA) students are able to work in Germany alongside their studies for 120 full days or 240 half days per year. If a student takes up a job as a student assistant or research assistant at the university, this is usually not counted in the limit. Non-EU students are not allowed to work in a freelance or self-employed capacity. Generally, students can earn up to EUR 450 per month and if they get paid more than that, taxes are applied. Knowledge of the German language is the key to finding jobs in Germany.

Post Study Work Visa Germany – Working after studies

International students who wish to take up jobs after they graduate are required to apply for a normal residence permit extension. They can extend it up to 18 months during which the student can look for jobs. If you are offered a job and you have made up your mind to accept the offer, then you can proceed to apply for EU Blue Card (or German Residence Permit). This card helps to stay and work in multiple European countries. If you would like to settle permanently in Germany, then you can apply for settlement permit as early as 2 years after receiving the EU card.

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Post Study Work Visa Germany – Application Process

Here, we have briefly outlined the application process for German Residence Permit as mentioned below.

  • Once you arrive in Germany, you need to extend your temporary residence permit into German residence permit within the 90 days duration.
  • Before applying for a residence permit, get health insurance and open a bank account. This will help you to get any financial bank statements which you can attach to other documents and prove you can support yourself and your family.
  • Set an appointment time and fill out an application for a residence permit – One can apply from their local immigration office, where they can visit and get application forms to apply. Besides getting the application form, one needs to set up an appointment. Booking an appointment sooner helps avoid hassles of last minute.
  • On the date of appointment, reach the venue on time and attend the officer and submit documents required to prove your candidature for a German residence permit. Usually, it takes up to 2-3 weeks to get permit processed.

Post Study Work Visa Germany – Document Checklist

In order to apply for a German residence permit for work after completing study in Germany, the following documents are required:

  • A valid Passport
  • A university degree
  • Proof of healthcare insurance
  • Proof of financial resources to fund while staying in Germany

Post Study Work Visa Germany – Post study jobs in Germany

The types of jobs available for international students after they complete their studies in Germany are listed below:

  • Teaching/ graduate assistants jobs are open to research scholars and it does pay decent money. These jobs include assisting the professors with marking copies, giving tutorials or prepare research literature or working as supervisors, librarians, etc.
  • A lucrative job opportunity is of English tutoring to German Students. Giving private tuitions can really pay a decent amount of money to candidates holding post study work visa for Germany.

There are ample of job opportunities for Engineers, Scientists, Researchers and other professionals who can apply from their home country or pursue a study in Germany and then, apply for a job after completion of studies. There is huge competition in the job market for international students. Indians who have gathered 3-5 years of work experience in their home country and have B1 German language proficiency can apply for jobs in Germany. They can also apply for jobseeker visa to come to Germany and stay for 6 months and look out for jobs. If they find a job in that period, they can extend or convert the visa accordingly.

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