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PTE Result – Score report, Accessing PTE Academic Score, Understanding, Sending and Rescoring

by Anup chowdhury

PTE Result – Pearson Test of English or PTE is the world’s leading computer-based English test for study abroad aspirants. PTE Academic assesses listening, writing, reading, and speaking via an online test. It is considered to be the most unbiased English proficiency test due to the top-notch Artificial Intelligence (AI). This means that the PTE test is graded by a computer and not humans. The duration of the test is 3 hours. Applicants need to secure a test centre located in over 50 countries/regions worldwide. 

The result consists of a score report which includes overall score, communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores on the Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading parts of academic English. The scores can be accessed via an online Pearson Vue account created when you booked the test. Registered applicants get notifications through email once the test scores are available. The results can be sent to the university through the same portal.

In this article, you can find out about the PTE Academic score report and how each PTE section is scored. Further, we have described the precise way to access PTE Academic test results, a brief about sending your PTE scores to institutions, understanding and analysing scores and rescoring methods.

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PTE Result – PTE Score Report & Scoring Criteria

There are three parts of the test – 1) Speaking and Writing 2) Reading 3) Listening. Applicants get a score for each section based on specific criteria and a score report is sent to them within 5 working days of the exam.

Let’s check out how the score report looks like and how each section of the test is scored.

Score report

PTE Academic is scored against the global scale of English which gives an accurate overview of an individual’s English skills. The score report contains the following sections:

  • Personal details and photo ID
  • Test registration ID and score report code
  • An overall score
  • Breakdown of the PTE performance

The following image depicts the Global Scale of English which aligns with a variety of popular tests and scales around the world. PTE score range is shown alongwith IELTS and TOEFL iBT Score. For example, a PTE Score of 30 is 4.5 in IELTS and 86 in PTE is 9.0 in IELTS


PTE Academic


































PTE Academic



































PTE Academic report contains an overall score, communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores.  The overall score reflects overall English language ability and the score is based on performance on all items in the test. The range for the overall score is 10-90 points. The scores for communicative skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) are based on all test items that assess these skills, either as a single skill or in combination. The range for each communicative skill score is 10-90 points. The scores for enabling skills (grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse) are based on all test items assessing one or more of these skills. The range for each enabling skill score is 10-90 points.

Read the detailed score guide here

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PTE Result – Speaking and Writing Scoring

In this section, applicants are assessed for their speaking and writing skills. The following question types in this section are the personal introduction, repeat aloud, repeat sentence, image description, lecture re-telling, answering short questions, summarizing written text and an essay. In the following table, you can find out the scoring criteria for each question types and other details.

PTE Result – Reading Scoring

This section consists of the following topics: Reading & Writing Fill in the blanks, Multiple Choices, Multiple answers, Re-order Paragraphs, Fill in the blanks and Multiple Choices, Single Answer. In the table given below, you can check out the criteria for each item type and scoring.

PTE Result – Listening Scoring

The listening section consists of the following subtopics – summarize spoken text, multiple-choice questions and multiple answers, fill in the blanks, highlight correct summary, MCQ single answer, selected missing word, highlight incorrect words, and write from dictation.

For more details on listening section – CLICK HERE

PTE Result – Accessing PTE Result 

PTE Academic is accepted by thousands of universities worldwide and also by Governments of New Zealand and Australia for visa purposes.

To access the score of your PTE exam, you need to check the Pearson VUE online account which you created while registering for the exam.

How long will I wait for my PTE Academic results?

Most test scores are received within just 2 days of writing their tests and in 2018, 85.7% of PTE test takers received their results within this time. Sometimes it could take over 2 days due to the Pearson system of cross-checking results by performing an additional review on the results which could delay the release of the score.

Tips to get your PTE score faster:

  1. You should never create a duplicate account as it will slow down the process of accessing results.
  2. It is better to read policies in the test taker handbook given on the Pearson website.
  3. You need to read the instructions carefully before creating a login account and booking a PTE test.

If you do not receive your scores in over 5 days, then you need to contact the service team of Pearson.

PTE Result – Understanding PTE Scores

There is a machine-based automated system for scoring in PTE Academic. Scoring for some item types are based on just correctness, while others are based on correctness, formal aspects and the quality of the response. When the formal aspect of your answer is being examined, it means the form of your response or answer is being reviewed, For e.g.  – have you considered the word limit for a specific item type. On the other hand, the quality of the response by the attributes it holds. For example – in the ‘essay’ item type under the PTE Writing section, the written response is scored on skills such as grammar usage, vocabulary range, spellings, coherence of content and more. 

There are two types of scoring: Correct Scoring and Partial Scoring. As per the correct scoring technique, if an answer is correct, a score of 1 is given, but if they are incorrect no score is nil. As per the partial scoring technique, other item types are scored as correct, partially correct or incorrect. 


PTE Result – Sending Your Scores and Rescoring

To send scores to your chosen institute/s, follow the instructions given below:

  • First login to your Pearson VUE account (which you created while registering for the exam)
  • Then click on ‘view score reports’ and click ‘send scores’
  • Type in the chosen institution in the field marked “Institution/School”
  • Finally, review your details and click the “next” button to confirm.

One can send the score to as many institutions as you like for free.

How do you get your PTE result re-scored?

If you are dissatisfied with your PTE Academic score, you have the provision to request for a rescore. 

It is very unlikely that the overall scores will change and only spoken responses and open-ended written responses are rescored. You may only request a rescore of your most recent PTE Academic test. To order a rescore, you can contact Pearson Customer Service within 14 calendar days after receiving your first score report.

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PTE Result – FAQ

Q. How long does it take for the PTE result to arrive?

A. Most test-takers receive PTE results within 2-3 days and sometimes there is a delay in the release of the scores but you still get it in a week’s time.

Q. What is a good PTE score?

A. The overall score range falls between 10-90 points. A 6.0 in IELTS is 50 points in PTE and 8.0 in IELTS is 79 points in PTE. All the questions in each section of the test matters and each is individually judged for the final score.

Q. I have appeared for the test on a Saturday. Can I expect results on Sunday?

A. Generally, applicants receive a score within 5 working days. So if you have given the test on a Saturday, you can expect your results by Thursday.

Q. Is there negative marking in the PTE test?

A. No, there is no negative marking in the test. You get a full score,partial score or no score.

Q. Is PTE easier than the IELTS test?

A. For some users, PTE is more reliable and easy to score compared to IELTS. For example, for some applicants PTE speaking is easier than the IELTS academic one. It all depends on the level of your proficiency and the purpose of giving these exams.

Q. Does Canada accept PTE score?

A. PTE Academic is accepted by most of the Canadian universities. One can use PTE scores to fast track the application for intended universities. 

Q. In which countries PTE is accepted?

A. Most of the universities in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland accept PTE scores for admission.

Q. What is the PTE exam fee in India?

A. PTE Academic exam fee is Rs 11,271 + 18% GST adding up to a total of Rs 13,300.


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