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Yale University Scholarship – Yale University USA

by Shruti Pandey
Yale University Scholarship USA

Yale University Scholarship is a need-based financial aid offered to students pursuing undergraduate courses at Yale University. If you are an aspiring candidate who wishes to pursue study abroad in the USA, Yale University is undoubtedly one of the best options you can pick. Being the third-oldest institution of higher education in the US, the university allows different modes of financial aids for students worldwide to enable them to manage their cost of study at Yale. The core objective behind introducing this Yale University Scholarship is to make the education at Yale affordable for all the students getting admission to any of the undergraduate courses.

Who are the candidates eligible for the Yale University Scholarship? When and how can you apply for it? What are the important documents required at the time of application? What are the things covered in the scholarship? These are some of the questions related to funding options that most aspiring candidates have in mind while looking for study opportunities at Yale University. The answers to all these questions are covered in this article, which provides a complete overview of the scholarship along with its eligibility, award details, application process, application timeline and more.

Yale University Scholarship An Overview

S.No. Particulars Details
1. Name of the scholarship Yale University Scholarship
2. Provider info Yale University
3. Place of study Yale University
4. Level of study Undergraduate level
5. Amount of scholarship Up to USD 60,000 per annum
6. Number of scholarships Not specified
7. Scholarship timeline* Early Action Deadline 9 November 2018

Regular Decision Deadline 1 March 2019

8. Scholarship application Apply online with CSS profile on the official website of the College Board.

*The scholarship timeline mentioned above is applicable for the year 2019. This may vary every based on the discretion of the scholarship provider.

Yale University Scholarship Eligibility

Yale University has set certain eligibility conditions to shortlist the students for the scholarship. Since the Yale USA University scholarship is need-based, it primarily considers the financial need of the students. However, it does not bind the students within this limitation. Though it does not offer scholarships based on merit, it allows its prospective students to avail merit scholarships offered by different non-profit organisations, private companies and employers. It also accepts students who are awarded entitlement grants by the state agencies, federal government or any other agency. Furthermore, the key eligibility conditions that a student needs to fulfil to be eligible for a Yale University scholarship include

  • The students must be enrolling into an undergraduate degree programme at Yale or must be continuing undergraduate studies.
  • They must be able to demonstrate a financial need.
  • There is no income limitation applicable to be eligible for the scholarship. However, the award of scholarship depends on a students family income.

Yale University Scholarship Application Process

The application process for the Yale University USA scholarship remains the same for prospective and continuing students. The only thing that differs is the related documents that a student needs to submit for application. Find below a step-by-step description of the scholarship application process for prospective international students. International students, who wish to apply for this scholarship, need to include the CSS profile and the tax returns of students and parents.

Step 1: Visit the CSS profile of College Board.

Step 2: Create your CSS profile by signing up by using the CSS college code 3987 for Yale University.

Step 3: Once the account is created, complete your CSS profile and submit.

Step 4: Upload the signed and translated copy of the tax or income department through the College Boards IDOC service. (Note: In case the parents of the students are separated, divorced or never married, the noncustodial parent of the student also needs to submit the signed and translated copy of the tax or income department).

Yale University Scholarship Award Details

The amount of financial aid that a student receives under the Yale University USA Scholarship majorly depends upon the students family income. It generally varies from a few hundred US dollars to up to USD 60,000. For the academic year 2018-19, the average scholarship amount given to each student was USD 52,800 and for the academic year 20017-18, the average scholarship amount was USD 49,575. Furthermore, students who are enrolling in the first year of an undergraduate course in 2021 will receive the scholarship as specified below based on the annual income range. The table below provides the median financial award that a student can receive under this scholarship for different income range

Award Details of Yale University Scholarship

S.No. Range of annual income Median scholarship Percentage of students qualifying for this aid
1. Less than USD 65,000 USD 70,686 98%
2. Between USD 65,000 and USD 100,000 USD 64,402 99%
3. Between USD 100,000 and USD 150,000 USD 54,249 96%
4. Between USD 150,000 and USD 200,000 USD 39,275 88%
5. Between USD 200,000 and USD 250,000 USD 25,427 64%
6. More than USD 250,000 USD 16,979 23%

Yale University Scholarship About Yale University

Yale University is one of the renowned Ivy League research universities and the third-oldest institution of higher education in the US. Having both international and local reach, the university is known for imparting quality education to its students. Ever since its inception in 1701, it has dedicatedly contributed to the expansion and sharing of knowledge, preserving cultural & scientific information and inspiring innovation for the future generation.

Yale University Scholarship Contact Details

In case of any further query related to Yale University Scholarship, students can contact the Student Financial Services Center of the University at the below-mentioned address.

Student Financial Services Center

246 Church Street

1st Floor New Haven, CT 06510

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 208288, New Haven, CT 06520-8288

Tel: 203-432-2700

Fax: 203-436-9768


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