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College Application Deadlines – When to Apply for Study in Canada

by Anamika Sharma
College Application Deadlines Canada 2020

Students looking to pursue education abroad should know about College Application Deadlines well in advance. The whole admission process could take almost a year. There are many things involved in the process โ€“ researching colleges/universities, applying for admission, response from colleges, visa processing time and several other factors. This is why keeping track of college application deadlines can make your admission process timely and systematic.

College application deadlines in Canada vary from college to college. So let us take a look at the intake seasons of top Canadian universities/colleges. This information can help students plan their admission process accordingly.

College Application Deadlines List of Top-ranking Canadian Universities

S.No. Name of University Campus
1. University of British Columbia UBC has two campuses in Canada. One is in Vancouver and the other is in Okanagan.
2. McGill University McGill University has two campuses in Montreal: Downtown campus and Macdonald campus.
3. University of Toronto University of Toronto offers 3 campuses to from: Downtown Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough
4. University of Alberta University of Alberta has 5 campuses: North & South Campus, Campus Saint-Jean & Enterprise Square are in Edmonton while Augustana Campus & Calgary Centre are in Camrose and Calgary respectively.
5. McMaster University

McMaster University has four regional campuses besides the main campus, Westdale Campus, located in Hamilton, Ontario.

Four regional campuses: Downtown Hamilton, Burlington, Kitchener-Waterloo and Niagara.

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College Application Deadlines Dates and Deadlines

Timely applications to colleges can increase a students chance to get admitted into his/her chosen institution and course of study. Take a look at the deadlines of top universities/colleges of Canada below. Know when to apply to colleges in Canada and improve your chances of being selected for admission.

College Application Deadlines of Canadian Universities

S.No. Name of University Deadlines (for 2018-19 intake)
1. University of British Columbia For UG applicants:
Application opens in early September for summer session (May to August 2019) and winter session (September 2019 to April 2020).Application deadline for summer & winter session: 15 JanuaryAdmission decisions: February-MayDeadline to submit documents showing English proficiency: 15 February

Deadline to accept admission offer and submit housing applications: 1 May/1 June

Course registration: Late June

Deadline to apply for early arrival to residence: 1 August

For graduate student:
Refer to this link

2. McGill University

Deadline to submit application for fall admission: 15 January

(There is no summer and winter admission.)

Deadline to submit supporting documents: 15 March

Deadline to submit McGill financial aid application: 30 days from acceptance date

Deadline for music application & document submission: 15 January

Deadline to submit Architecture portfolio: 7 March

Deadline to submit application & documents for Religious Studies: 1 May

(Admission decisions take at least 6-10 weeks to come.)

3. University of Toronto

Application opens: Mid-September

Recommended application deadline for UG programs: 1 November

Application deadline for all applicants: 16 January
(Some programs have extended deadlines.)

Application deadline for non-degree programs
Summer session: 1 January

Winter session: 2 June

Deadline to submit supporting documents: 1 February

First round of admission offers: February (for applicants who are in high schools)

Deadline to submit application for scholarships or other aids: Early February

2nd round of admission offers: March

Deadline to submit application for housing facilities: 31 March

Final round of admission offers: May

Application & document deadline for Master of Engg.: 1 May (for September & January intake)

Application & document deadline for Master of Applied Sc/PhD: 31 January (September intake only)

4. University of Alberta

Application deadline for September intake: 1 March

(for some programs the deadlines are 1 May, 1 June, 1 November, 1 October, 1 February)

Application deadline for open studies: 25 August

Deadline to submit documents: 15 June (for post-secondary transfer applicants) & 1 August (for high school applicants)

Deadline to deposit tuition fees: 1 May

5. McMaster University

Application deadline for winter session: 1 February

Supporting documentation deadline (winter session): 1 April

Application deadline for spring/summer session (May entry): 1 April

Supporting documentation deadline (spring/summer session): 1 April

Application deadline for June entry: 15 May

Deadline to submit supporting documents: 15 May

Admission offers: Within 4-5 weeks of receiving all the documents

Residence application deadline: 3 June

* The deadlines mentioned above are tentative and may change as per the discretion of the designated university authorities.

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