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University of Melbourne – Top Globally Ranked University of Australia

by Anamika Sharma
University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne, one of the oldest and top universities of Australia, draws hordes of international students every year to Australia who wish to pursue quality education from abroad. The university is home to around 13,000 international students from more than 130 countries. Ranked #32 globally in Times Higher Education, the University of Melbourne offers internationally recognised degrees in more than 100 areas of studies that are designed to provide a better understanding of curriculum to students. Having a great infrastructure, the university gives students the flexibility to enhance their skills through excellent teaching methods, exceptional learning tools and research-oriented study techniques.

Given below are some interesting facts about the University of Melbourne that attract international students to study there. The facts include the education model of the university, popular courses, student life, cost of living, employability quotient of the university and much more.

University of Melbourne Melbourne Model

The University of Melbourne ranks #6 in graduate employability worldwide as per the QS Graduate Employability thus indicating the employment-relevance of the programmes offered by the university. In order to keep its students up-to-date with the ever-changing demands of the competitive job market, the university has adopted the Melbourne Model which gives students the flexibility to either take on a job or go for specialised programmes. Given below are some important facts and features of the Melbourne Model.

  • Adopted in the year 2008, the Melbourne Model was designed by the University of Melbourne to align itself with the best of European and Asian practices and North American traditions, specifically for internationalizing academic programmes and aligning degree structures with the ‘Bologna model’.
  • Under the Melbourne Model, students can start with an undergraduate degree or an integrated degree package.
  • The Model gives students the flexibility to focus on their chosen career or keep other options open and explore a range of subjects before deciding the final one.
  • After earning a bachelors degree from this university, students can either proceed to enter the workforce or pursue a specialised graduate masters degree.
  • Students passionate about research can further study to secure a PhD degree from the university.

University of Melbourne Top Courses of the University

The university offers a wide range of academic choices to students when it comes to the selection of course of study. They can pursue their interest at different study levels such as Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Honours, Postgraduation and more. Here, students have the freedom to not only gain in-depth knowledge of their core study area but also explore side-curriculum through breadth subjects. Taking up breadth subjects allows students to add more value to their overall learning and open new avenues for their future career. Highlighted below are some top-rated subjects of University of Melbourne to help you decide which subject would be beneficial for you.

List of top subjects of University of Melbourne and their rankings in the world

S.No. Name of the subject QS World University Subject Rankings
1. Statistics and Operational Research 24
2. Geography 15
3. Architecture 17
4. Life Sciences & Medicine 21
5. Arts & Humanities 20
6. Social Sciences & Management 20
7. Engineering – Electrical & Electronic 35
8. Law & Legal Studies 6
9. Computer Science & Information Systems 32
10. Accounting & Finance 16
11. Business & Management Studies 20

University of Melbourne Tuition Fees for International Students

Tuition fees are an important aspect upon which a student decides if they can afford it or not. The cost of education at the University of Melbourne is competitive when compared to that of other Australian universities, and it varies from year to year. The tuition fee of an international student depends on the subjects they choose to study at the university. Students are charged tuition fees every year for all the subjects they enrol into. To have a rough idea about the tuition fees, find the total course fees of some of the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes offered here.

  • Bachelor of Arts: AUD 101,856-115,812
  • Bachelor of Commerce: AUD 126,000-134,676
  • Bachelor of Science: AUD 126,136-162,224
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) (1-year course): AUD 42,784
  • Concurrent Diploma in Informatics (1-year course): AUD 43,008
  • Master of Architecture (3-year course): AUD 129,631
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Architecture, Building & Planning) (4-year duration): AUD 174,612
  • Master of Management (2-year course): AUD 90,266

University of Melbourne Application Timeline

International Students can apply in one of the two ways, either through an overseas representative or by submitting the online application.

  • When to apply – International application for semester 1 should be submitted latest by 31st October 2019.
  • How to apply online:
    • Entry Requirement: Check the requirements of the degree you want to apply.
    • Supporting Documentation: All the previous study certification and documentation should be made available. All the documents have to be verified by the concerned authorities.
    • Submission of the application: Visit the portal and apply as a new student. On successful application, a confirmation mail will be sent. You can continue uploading the supporting documents. A second email will be sent on the successful payment of application fee (if required).
    • Assessment turn-around time: Wait for the offer after successful submission of the documents. Turn-around time for undergraduate application is 2-4 weeks, for graduation coursework 4-6 weeks, and for graduation research application 12 weeks.

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University of Melbourne Key Scholarships

To attract meritorious international students, several scholarships are offered by the university. These scholarships help to cut down the cost of education significantly and balance their budget of living in Melbourne. Some of the famous scholarships available for Indian students are:

  • Alex Chernov Scholarship– 100% fee remission up to $30,000; Study area: Law
  • Fulbright Scholarships – $30,000 – $150,000 in scholarships; Study area: All areas of study
  • Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship (international students)– 50% remission of fees; Study area: All study areas
  • Donovan-Johnston Memorial Scholarship (MDHS)– up to $50,000; Study area: Medicine and Dentistry
  • University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarship– Provides 100% fee remittal for undergraduates, among other benefits
  • Human Rights Scholarship, MelbourneCovers living expenses to graduation studentsStudy Abroad College Admissions Login

University of Melbourne Cost of Living

Melbourne has been ranked the most cost-efficient city for international students in Australia. Department of Home Affairs, Australia has quoted AUD 20,290 to be the tentative annual cost of living for international students. This doesnt include the tuition fee or education fee. It covers accommodation expenses, living expenses, transportation costs, groceries, textbooks, food and eating out, entertainment costs and other supplies. However, the cost of living can be reduced significantly to approximately AUD 14,440 if the budget is planned and executed carefully by international students.

Living Cost in Melbourne on a Weekly Basis

S.No. Expense AUD/Week
1. Accommodation 95-435
2. Groceries and eating out 80-350
3. Public Transport 15-55
4. Phone and internet 15-50
5. Electricity, gas and water 40-100
6. Entertainment 30-100

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University of Melbourne Working while studying

Studying at the University of Melbourne allows international students to work in Melbourne on a part-time basis. Students holding a valid student visa, that allows them to work while studying in Australia, can work for up to 40 hours a fortnight (14 days) during an academic session and full-time during holidays. The minimum wage for students is AUD 17.70/hour and there are opportunities to earn much more than that. People with skill-sets can find work according to their level of expertise and can easily receive a higher wage for their work. Universities also provide part-time jobs to their international students, depending on the availability and potential of the student.

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University of Melbourne Student life in Melbourne

While studying in this university, students not only get the opportunity to explore different educational avenues but also experience the vibrant lifestyle, culture, sample Australian cuisines and explore beautiful landscapes of the city. There are many destinations which are just a car drive away from the university campus and can fit easily in the tight budget of students. Some of the popular places to explore are the Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island, The Great Ocean Road, Yarra Valley, Grampians, etc. Students can get involved in many of the amazing clubs created and curated by the University of Melbourne Students Union. They can do community service or join chocolate tasting club, sports club, engineering music society, engineering without borders, Robogals, etc.

University of Melbourne Post-study job opportunities

Melbourne is one of the major cities of the World. It runs a strong economy with strengths in finance, manufacturing, research, IT, education, logistics, transportation and tourism. Regarded as one of the most steady and growing economies of the World with great prospects for employment, stability and growth, Melbourne requires a skilled workforce. It offers a perfect opportunity for graduates of the University of Melbourne to seek job in the city post-study. The international students having completed their degree course can apply for a post-study work visa in Australia which allows them to stay in the country for up to 4 years and work.

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